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Controls Manufacturing

We serve the entire Northeast as well as many other sectors of the continental United States.

Electrical Control Panels

Atlas Automation can design and build electrical control panels for a variety of applications. Our experience in food processing insures all electrical designs meet FDA and NEC requirements. Our specialized panels which include HTST, Aseptic Pasteurizer, and UHT are electrically interlocked to meet PMO guidelines. Our panels are built to withstand the harsh environments of a fluid processing plant.

Motor Control Panels

Atlas Automation can also build custom Motor Control panels. Large Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE motor control centers or NEMA 4X motor control panels built for harsh environments. For your large applications we can provide you device network ready motor starters and variable frequency drives that reduce field wiring costs. Our control engineers will work with your team to provide you with the best affordable solution.

PLC & Pneumatic Control Panels

We offer a proven method of utilizing compact and cost effective solenoids.  This allows us to minimize the number of pneumatic control panels required on your project.

Atlas Automation will integrate each solenoid bank into the PLC based control system.

Atlas PMO Panels

The Atlas PMO box is a custom designed certified legal control device. This unique PLC driven design allows users security and control without compromise. Atlas PMO control box can be programmed to suit your application be it an HTST, UHT, or Aseptic PHX. Control of the Timing Pump, Booster Pump, and Re-generator Bypass Valve in addition to the standard Flow Diversion Valves are all programmed to be PMO compliant.