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Q: How long has Atlas been in business?
A: Atlas was established in 1994

Q: Is Atlas a Union Installer?
A: No Atlas is a Non-Union privately held company.

Q: What geographical area dose Atlas service?
A: Though headquartered in the Northeast, Atlas serves the continental United States.

Q: Does Atlas have any other locations?
A: Yes we currently have an office in Taylors South Carolina that services the entire South East.

Q: Does Atlas employ their own staff for Fabrication and Installation?
A: Yes, Atlas has an entire staff of fabricators and Installers.

Q: What kind of engineering resources can Atlas provide?
A: We employ, Controls Design Engineers, Programmers, Electrical
Engineers and Process Design engineers.

Q: Atlas is made up of two divisions Controls and Process integration, can you provide turn-key solutions?
A: Yes, Atlas has implemented many projects from conceptual design
through fabrication, Installation, controls development and integration.

Q: How large of a project have you done
A; Our projects range from $2,000 to $5,000,000

Q: Do you just focus on Capital projects?
A: No, Atlas is a full service integrator; we can provide on-going
maintenance services and technical support for your day to day operations.

Q: Do you provide Emergency service?
A: Yes Atlas is on call 24/7 to support your plant operations and
maintenance staff.

Q: Does Atlas specialize in any type of fabrication and Installation?
A: Yes, Atlas has expertise in Sanitary Fluid Process piping and specializes in food grade stainless fabrication and skid manufacturing.

Q: What does Atlas Controls division have to offer?
A: Atlas has over 25 years of experience in food/ beverage applications. We specialize in controls software development, implementation, design, database development, technical support and commissioning.

For more information about our process, capabilities, and how we can help assist, contact Atlas Automation today at 585-227-1110.