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Atlas Automation is a full-service turn-key system integration firm headquartered in Rochester, NY, specializing in food, beverage, and dairy processing and automation. Since 1994, we have helped food and beverage manufacturing companies increase their production and maintain their existing systems.

By offering the range of services required to bring a system from concept to reality, we provide our customers the simplicity of dealing with one company to achieve their goals. No job is too small for us and we work with clients in Buffalo and Syracuse, NY, and across the Northeast.

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Professional Team, Innovative Results

The Atlas team consists of process designers, automation engineers, electrical experts, panel builders, sanitary welders, and more. It is an integral part of our corporate culture to turns ideas into reality. By embracing a strong work ethic, a high level of professionalism, an open mind, and a friendly disposition, the employees of Atlas Automation are dedicated to being the best in their field.

The team of engineers at Atlas Automation is dedicated to designing and commissioning systems that make operations more productive. We specialize in controls and process engineering, controls automation for the food industry, and process manufacturing and field sanitary piping services. We proudly serve companies nationwide, as well as the nearby regions of the Greater Buffalo-Niagara region and Central New York.

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Our Process

If you are looking to make your operation more productive, Atlas Automation has all of the necessary resources you need from design to implementation.
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System Development

To determine the best approach, we will work closely with your team to develop a system which meets all of your requirements. Our designers will transpose your concept into a Process and Instrumentation Drawing (P&ID).

Tagging Devices & Sizing Equipment

Our controls engineers will tag all devices requiring control and identify all analog, digital, Ethernet and PID control points. We will size all motors, pumps, valves, pipes, tanks, heat exchangers and all other miscellaneous equipment for optimal performance.

Design Review

We will review the design with your team for final approval. When the design is finalized, we will accurately determine the cost of the system. If the cost exceeds your budget, we will revisit the design with your team.

The Build Phase

During the build phase of the project, our control engineers will begin developing the electrical schematics, design the control panels, layout the networks, and procure the electrical devices, HMI’s, servers, etc. Our Project Managers will procure the process equipment and layout how the equipment will be physically installed. Once the equipment arrives, our panel shop will build the control panels and our installers will begin piping.

Functional Specification Creation

Next, we produce a document called the functional specification. This details every aspect of control. We recognize how important alarms and interlocks are in the daily operation of your plant, and layout all critical system responses to better protect your operation. When the functional specification is approved by you, the customer, our controls engineers will begin developing the PLC program.

Heavy Simulation, Piping, Wiring & Water Testing

After the control system is complete, it undergoes a heavy simulation phase (FAT) before it reaches your facility. We then give you and your operators a demonstration of how your system works.

When the installers complete the piping and the electricians have wired all the devices, we begin the commissioning phase where we test I/O, perform water testing, and fine tune the production runs.

When the system is operational, we will support your system 24/7 for years to come.

For more information about our process, our capabilities, and how we can help you, contact Atlas Automation today at 585-227-1110.