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Atlas Automation can design and manufacture sanitary process and cleaning equipment to meet PMO, 3A and FDA food grade standards. Built in our shop by seasoned tradesman we have the experience and expertise to produce high quality skidded or build-in-place stainless process systems.

We offer installation of high purity and aseptic stainless equipment as well as custom stainless fabrication and structural stainless applications (walkways, crossovers, mezzanines & staircases).

Atlas also specializes in the design and manufacturing of HTST & UHT pasteurization equipment as well as the field installation of Aseptic, Brewing, Blending/Batching, Pumping, and UV Sterilization systems.

Clean-in-Place Systems

A cleaning-in-place system is designed to assist in cleaning and disinfecting during the production process. A CIP system can help an organization save money while increasing production, as it reduces the labor involved for cleaning.

A CIP system can be either automated or manually operated, and our team can design a system to ensure your facility meets strict hygiene requirements without breaking down components for cleaning and reassembly.

Atlas Automation offers turn-key services and custom engineering solutions. We manufacture CIP systems with automated controls, and provide complete services including installation, and startup.

HTST Process for Pasteurization

Atlas specializes in the design and manufacturing of HTST & UHT pasteurization process equipment. Custom-designed applications can be installed to fit your specific needs, regardless of size or complexity.

Our food process experience includes all forms of product handling such as cooking, pasteurizing, homogenizing, filling, transfer, and packaging integration. We create skid-based systems designed for cost-effective implementation, operation, and ease of maintenance.

This includes:

  • Pasteurization Equipment
  • Brewing / Fermenting Equipment
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Blending/ Batching Packages
  • Pumping / Product Transfer & Storage
  • UV Sterilization Equipment
We have extensive experience working with clients across industries, and we put this knowledge to work in every operation. For more information about how we can assist you, please contact us at 585-227-1110.