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Atlas craft brewing systems design and build division offers a variety of services. Stainless fabrication, sanitary piping and equipment installation or control system integration, for production and CIP.

Our experienced staff specializes in the production of craft beer can assist in the design manufacture and installation of equipment to satisfy specific production requirements from dry goods / materials handling through to Brite Beer. We also provide optimization and efficiency studies.

Do you own a brewery in Buffalo or Syracuse, NY? Our company is located in Rochester, NY, and we’re happy to schedule a consultation with you.

Complete Food-Grade Quality Fabrication & Installation Services

We specialize in design, build and integration of fluid process production equipment for your facility. Consult with our team on expansion projects or a retrofit on existing equipment, processes and control systems.

Clients in the beverage industry trust us for:

  • Custom Brewhouse Design & Fabrication
  • Capacity Expansion Projects
  • Brewhouse Optimization
  • Cellar Capacity Expansion
  • Specialized Equipment Rigging
  • Brewhouse Controls Design & Implementation
  • Grain Handling Solutions
  • Engineering Support
  • Stainless Fabrication
  • Systems Integration
  • Sanitary Piping Install
  • Controls Support
  • Aseptic System Installation

Our Stainless Fabrication Capabilities

Atlas Automation in house fabrication department can custom design and manufacture system components to your specifications. Specializing in food grade stainless manufacturing our engineering and fabrication team can produce structural pieces such as mezzanines and crossovers or process systems accessories like drip pans, carts, hoppers or even CIP tanks, we have the capability to provide one stop sourcing to our clients.

  • CIP Systems
  • Yeast Brinks
  • Portable Pump Carts
  • Portable Meter Pump
  • Tanks
  • Flow Swing Plates
  • Drain Pans/Catch Pans
  • Custom Hub Drains
  • Custom Stainless Grist Cases
  • Liquor Blending Stations
  • Platforms
  • Cross-overs
  • Custom Stainless Shelving
  • Stainless push carts
  • Hop Backs
To learn more about about our process and experience, please contact Atlas Automation today at 585-227-1110.